Our Team


Our Team


Karen Davies

With over 250 productions under her belt, Karen is a highly experienced and award-winning video producer who thoroughly enjoys every aspect of her work. She is warm, outgoing and she also speaks French, so if your project needs a French version, we would be happy to help you. She is an experienced interviewer and has a gift for eliciting the best out of people and putting them at their ease, a talent that helps drive engaging story telling and is much appreciated by clients without previous video experience! Karen is also highly organised, so clients can relax knowing that no detail of their project will be forgotten and everything will be taken care of and planned for. In addition to Cedarwood’s corporate awards, Karen is the winner of the Business Leadership award from the Vancouver Island Women’s Business Network






Dai Davies

Dai accidentally drifted into TV production in 1980 when he took a job in the BBC’s videotape department to support his career as a musician. It turned out he had a natural talent for editing and had stumbled into the world’s best editing school outside of Hollywood, and this fortunate coincidence led to a 22 year career as one of the BBC’s top editors, working on every genre and in every department.
Having reached the top in editing, where do you go? In Dai’s case it was Vancouver Island having fallen in love with Victoria while working there as part of the BBC’s Commonwealth Games team.  He moved there in 2002 and set up Cedarwood Productions.
15 years later he is an accomplished Director and DOP, and of course is still editing.




We are also proud to work with many excellent freelance colleagues, most frequently with:


Lindsay Nielsen
Lindsay first came to us as an intern from SAIT college, back in 2009, and we were so impressed by her, that we offered her a permanent position with the company! Since then Lindsay has been a much valued member of our team, working as a camera operator, director and producer, well liked by our clients. She produced and directed her first series with us, Realty Reality, and made 2 very successful seasons of the show. She has now set up her own company and works as a freelancer. We are delighted to be able to continue working with her on some of our projects.


Daniel Carruthers
Daniel Carruthers is a LEO nominated Director of Photography who has worked on over forty productions including the Telefilm feature film “Jackhammer”, the Much FACT music video for “Beach Dream” by Jets Overhead and the science fiction short film Somnius which recently screened at the San Diego Comic-Con. He recently won Best Cinematography for the short film Blood Line at the Cinevic 2013 Film Slam. Dan is especially talented with lighting – if you want something to look good, he’s your DOP!

Stephen Olafson
Steve is a gifted videographer and an experienced producer, having worked as the senior producer with CTV in Victoria for many years where he was highly respected by his colleagues for both his technical skill set and his likeable manner. He brings a sensitivity to his work and a determination to give the client the best results he possibly can.

Thank you again for your terrific work. Your presence (the whole team) was perfectly understated and your eye for good stuff seemed sharp, quick, sensitive and empathetic.”

Tim Walker, Skills for Healing, Nova Scotia

Thank you again for the graciousness of the space and leadership you offered during our days of filming. I feel honored to know you and to be able to work with you”.

Lucy Leu, Non-Violent Communication Toolkit

“Dai can do amazing things with film that I didn’t even know were possible! I found it quite astonishing. You are quality people who want to serve your clients pleasantly and well, and you really do care that your client has a good experience. You can be sure that when I am ready to produce another video, I will call on you first.”
Astrid Whiting, fitness instructor.

Thanks for a great day of filming, you made me feel like a star! Working together on the DVD production has been a totally cool experience, definitely a shining example of the passion you have for your work”.

Christine Helminck, ‘Christine’s Creations’.