Thoughts on Hard Way Season 1 and 2

16 Jan 2014, Posted by Dai Davies in Uncategorized

Did you see episode 13 of season 1?! I feel so proud of our businesses and of what they have achieved. What an amazing group of people who applied themselves with determination and courage, taking on challenges that were often uncomfortable to do, but yielded some amazing results. We have more exciting news to come about a massive contract for one of our businesses, worth millions of dollars and involving royalty! You won’t believe this story! Watch this space!

Sadly no time to sit back and just enjoy Season 1 successes though, we’re already in the throes of planning for season 2. This morning the production team sat down and chose the finalists for season 2 from the many applications we had, and I can tell you that we have had some strong candidates this year with some great stories. Obviously we can’t reveal who our businesses for season 2 are, but I can tell you that this season, as well as some excellent businesses in Victoria and Vancouver Island, we will also be filming businesses in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. It’s going to be a lot of work, but also a lot of fun as we get to meet this new group of business owners and work with them over the next year.

Meanwhile, it’s on with the planning and organising of all the many details that go into making a TV series….booking the camera crew, working on the studio set with the set designers and builders, arranging photo shoots for the mentors, working on budgets and agreements and more paperwork than you’d need to wallpaper a hockey stadium with.  Ah, the glamorous side of the business 😉

Blog by Karen Davies

Hard Way Producer