An Idea for Change: Creating The Hard Way

16 Jul 2013, Posted by Dai Davies in Uncategorized

The Hard Way started as an idea to make change: changing struggling businesses into success stories, changing attitudes about small businesses, and changing the perspective that all reality television negatively affects its participants.

Don’t get me wrong – I love reality television, including all the fights, bleeps, and plate throwing, and I love the unadulterated entertainment factor. The Gordon Ramsays and Kevin O-Learys of the world make for great TV, but I struggle to think if I’ve ever really learned anything from watching them – other than a few British expletives of course.

Knowledge and respect are a huge part of The Hard Way. We believe in learning, because as our businesses learn, we learn, and so does our audience. We also don’t believe in coaching from behind the scenes and we don’t believe in crafting drama, instead we believe in letting people tell their own stories. Yes, the show is entertaining, but it is entertainment in its purest form – we are simply following people, and people are interesting.

What began as a ‘reality TV show’ is now just a ‘real show’ with real people, overcoming real issues – and we can’t wait for you to see it!

By Lindsay Nielsen, Associate Producer