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The Hard Way

A Reality TV Show That Helps Businesses Get On Track


The Hard Way is a reality show that sets out to help struggling businesses with their real problems, and hopefully, to help them become a real success. An emotional roller coaster of hopefulness and hard advice, for some companies, this show is their last chance to make it. 

Each week a small business owner is brought in front of a panel of experts for an intense question and answer session designed to uncover some of their key issues. The panel presents the small business with their analysis and a set of challenges to follow over the next few months. Not all of these solutions will be easy: it’s up to the business owner to have the courage to follow through.

Authentic and with a focus on real people, real problems and real solutions, this series gives fascinating insight into the struggles of small businesses as viewers learn – will these businesses make it the hard way?

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One of the best shows on TV!!!!!! Can’t wait 🙂

Stef Barber, Victoria

Love, love the show! What a captivating and inspiring story! I was already a fan and watched every episode in Season 1 and it looks like I’ll be watching everyone in Season 2! Well done!

Beverley Dondale, North Saanich

We happened across this show/documentary last week (Dec 14), and were impressed; Congratulations to Telus for sponsoring the show, and to the crew who make it work. We particularly enjoy the genuine honesty of the show. We’re also impressed by the willingness, and generosity, of small business owners to help their peers on the path to success.
Tim and Louise Spencer Duncan, BC

I absolutely love this show! I have found it to be especially beneficial to me in so many ways. I love the way your show points out the mistakes made and the solutions. The mentors provide more good comprehensive advise than cruelty. I am a total convert now and will choose \”The Hard Way\” over \”the other show (s)\” if they happen to be in the same time slot. Keep up the good work. Finally some television worth watching.
Deborah Diduck